Our Approach Makes a Difference

Each individual person is completely different from their daily living and commitment habits.  When exploring a persons personal needs into recovery, we fully assess each individual and base our approach into your loved ones journey accordingly.   There is absolutely no "cookie-cutter" method to facilitating an individual towards recovery, for instance, a recovering mother of two will have different challenges then a teenager, who are both challenged with an Oxycodone addiction.

Footprints of Serenity provides a full assessment with you and your loved one to determine the extent of treatment that is necessary to guide an individual towards success in their program. Since there is such a broad range of areas that require immediate attention, our staff customizes a program that fits your life style.

Companionship and Services range from:

  • Interventions*
  • Recovery Companion*
  • Recovery Coaching
  • Treatment Placement  (In-Patient/Out-Patient)
  • Detox Placement
  • At Home Detox
  • Transportation
  • Individualized Assessment
  • Addiction Counseling
  • Counseling
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Mentoring
  • 24/7 Accompaniment*

*We accompany our clients to their homes, business engagements, vacations, etc.  Wherever and whatever place, event, endeavor or engagement we are able to be there to guide each client  to achieve there desired goal on this journey in recovery.

The Benefits

Most commonly running the cycle of a "revolving rehab door." Checking in and out of various popular clinics and treatment facilities.  Alcoholics and addicts with means to do so, view rehabilitation facilities as a vacation spot, hopping from one "resort" to the next.  Places with idealized concepts of addiction and cure that may or may not be discussed, with little support, action and application for real situations and settings towards a life in recovery. 

Instead, with Footprints of Serenity, our clients are assigned a full-time, one-on-one Life Coach. Our Coaches know first hand,  from personal experience the difficulties, traps, lies and triggering devices that can hinder growth and understanding for a newly sober, recovering client.  Each of our trained Recovery Companions  has walked their own path to recovery and approaches each client with the background and knowledge from their own personal experience as well with training provided by Footprints of Serenity. The benefit is knowing  the fear felt by a client in the critical, early stages, of recovery and being able to understand them and guide them in the right direction.