What is an Intervention?

An intervention is a deliberate process by which change is introduced into an individuals thoughts, feelings and behaviors. The overall objective of an intervention is to confront a person in a non-threatening way, allowing them to see their self-destructive behavior, and how they affect themselves, family and friends. Usually, this process involves several people who have prepared themselves to talk to a person who has been engaging in some sort of self-destructive behavior. In a clear and respectful way, they inform the person of factual information regarding his or her behavior and how it has affected them. The immediate objective of an intervention is for the self-destructive person to set aside the "denial" factor, become open-minded and accept help.

A Friend or Family Member Needs Help, Should We Do An Intervention?

An intervention can be a helpful tool for any person, be it a friend, colleague or family member who is resistant or in denial to addressing his or her problem. At one time there was an attitude that people couldn't be helped unless they "hit bottom." At Footprints of Serenity we help build our clients from their bottom with a strong foundation in the early stages of recovery. 

Why An Intervention and Why Now?

Because nothing else has worked.

Most people attempt to confront a persons behavior or situation through reasoning and discussion, usually one-on-one with little or no resolution (often times making the situation worse and creating more resistance). When these attempts fail, frustration may lead to anger and can go on for years.

An Intervention includes friends and loved ones who support the individual towards a change. Executed in a logical, controlled, and loving manner. Focused on positive change in the individuals lifestyle with an open-mind.  This has proven to be highly effective for our clients.