Our Dedication to Wellness

Many clinics, doctors, and psychiatrists claim to have the answers and the ability to “fix” the problem. However, to date, none have proven successful. The missing element is that only someone with personal insight into the mental, spiritual and emotional characteristics of addiction can truly understand and relate. This aspect, above all others, is responsible for garnering trust with the newly sober person.

The shared experience helps break down walls and build trust—which, like anything worth having, must be earned—during the critical moments of early sobriety. This gives the client a feeling of safety and security upon which to build. Once comfortable and confident with their sober surroundings, Footprints of Serenity staff will provide additional support—e.g. group therapy, psychiatric care, anger management, career and marriage counseling. From ghetto to penthouse, addiction is a disease that transcends traditional social and economic boundaries. Footprints of Serenity’s confidential client list comes from all walks of life, from all tiers; the elusive, the reclusive and the exclusive.

All are shown the same compassion and understanding, given the same choices and guided towards the path of recovery. There is no greater feeling in the world than being freed from the prison of your own mind, and the physical bondage of the disease of addiction and alcoholism. There is no greater feat than to be self-sufficient, responsible and operate from a place of love, compassion, and kindness. Follow our Footprints to the Serenity that you and your loved ones have been looking for.