Staying Active In Recovery

Getting Active

The mood-enhancing properties of physical activity cannot be ignored.  Alcoholics and addicts sometimes neglect taking care of their bodies and do not exercise as much as they should.  These, self-destructive habits, over time may contribute to a downward spiral right back into addiction.

Reversing that downward spiral is the goal.  Now is the time to get active, literally.  Making an effort to exercise daily and stay fit, the benefits are amazing! Exercise boosts your mood, and makes you feel better about yourself giving an increase in self over time.  Feeding your recovery giving you an extra boost along with a recovery program

Sober Activities

  • Hiking: Getting out in nature produces a natural high and reconnects us with the fundamental beauty of existence.
  • Recreational Sports: Provide valuable exercise, and are a great social lubricant.
  • Watching Movies:  They provide a welcoming distraction from ourselves and they entertain us. 
  • Art & Literature:  Being creative may channel deeper feelings and help in recovery.
  • Volunteering:  Giving back to the community is essential in recovery.  It gives us a positive mindset as well as enables us to get out of ourselves and help other people.