What is Cocaine?

Cocaine use is very addicting and can be fatal. Cocaine is presently the most abused major stimulant in America. It has become one of the drugs most frequently involved in emergency hospital visits.

Cocaine is a purified extract from the leaves of the Erythroxylum coca bush. This plant grows in the Andes region of South America. Different chemical processes produce the two main forms of cocaine:

  • Powdered cocaine -- commonly known on the street as "coke" or "blow" -- dissolves in water. Users can snort or inject powdered cocaine.
  • Crack cocaine -- commonly known on the street as "crack" or "rock" -- is made by a chemical process that leaves it in its "freebase" form, which can be smoked.

About 14% of U.S. adults have tried cocaine. One in 40 adults has used it in the past year. Young men aged 18 to 25 are the biggest cocaine users, with 8% using it in the previous 12 months.

Cocaine is not a new drug, nor is a new drug of abuse. Although it is now considered on the most recreational used drugs on the market.   Street names for cocaine also reflect its appearance or method of use (such as flake, snow, powder, toot, blow, nose candy, liquid lady [a mixture of cocaine and alcohol], speedball [cocaine and heroin], crack, rock, freebase, coke). Cocaine is also used to moderate side effects of an addicts primary addiction. A common polydrug abuse problem, seen especially in adolescents, is cocaine, alcohol, and marijuana.

Drug abuse, chemical dependency, and addictive behavior spare no one and are spread throughout society. They do not care what age, profession, race, religion, or physical attributes you may have or be. It is important to get the help that you need. This is one of the drugs that are very difficult to quit and treatment is suggested. Footprints of Serenity's Interventionists and Sober Companions are experienced with this type of addiction and are here to get you or your loved one the help you need. If you would like more information on this subject, please have no hesitation to call us at 213-80-SOBER or e-mail us at info@footprintsofserenity.com