Being In A Codependent Relationship with an Alcoholic or Addict.

Codependency Simulates Relationship Without Intimacy

Codependency may seem like a form of "relationship," but it is not. Codependency is the inability to relate to another human being. Indeed, both codependents and addicts are often described as “intimacy cripples.”

Codepdendents Do Not Relate To Self

Codependents cannot relate to others, which in turns relates back to them not being able to relate to themselves.  Codependent people have a lack of self-concept, which creates emotional dependence onto others.  The desperate search for personal identity makes it impossible to have any intimate relationship.

Signs of Co-Dependent Behavior

Codependents, just like addicts, are actually “emotionally unavailable” to enter into a relationship. The only difference is that the antisocial part of addiction may be more apparent, the fact that the codependent is equally unavailable for intimate relationships can be harder to detect. An addicts behavior will clearly mark him or her as someone who “does not play well with others,” even as a codependent person may seem to be a caring spouse, parent friend, sibling, or lover.