Addiction Life Coach

Footprints of Serenity's primary purpose is to provide an integrative approach towards recovery from active addiction.  Providing different levels of care from a safe and secure Intervention as well as sober transportation (to and from treatment).  Footprints of Serenity also provides a Sober Companion or Recovery Coach for the individual for day to day tasks in early recovery (living with them for periods of time or meeting for full or partial parts of the day).  Recovery Companions also travel with clients for business and/or holiday trips.

Footprints of Serenity's professional team of experts have helped many individuals accomplish and succeed in long term recovery.  We have been privileged to see positive outcomes as the result of our care, methods and expertise.  By implementation of our structured After Care program, recovery has been not only enhanced but as well a continuation of success. Footprints of Serenity believes that by building a relationship on mutual trust, respect and support, we are able to work with clients on every level, anywhere.  Currently, we are working with clients around and outside of the United States. 

If you would like to request more information on any of our programs, please CLICK HERE.  Also, our team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and we are ready to assist you in getting you the help that you need and deserve.  Please call 213-80-SOBER for immediate assistance.