Drug Treatment For Adolescents and Young Adults

Adolescents getting into recovery from our experience have a better success rate working closely with a sober companion or recovery coach rather than in an alcohol and drug treatment facility.  Rehabilitation Centers give young people the textbook knowledge needed in recovery without showing them how to put it into action. 

For individuals in treatment, it is easy to stay sober, but once put back into main stream life, they are unable to apply what they have learned in treatment into life situations.  Footprints of Serenity's Recovery Companions (Sober Companions, Sober Coaches, Recovery Coaches, Addiction Life Coaches) are giving adolescents and young adults who have been in and out of rehab an opportunity to stay sober by getting involved in life and in the young sober community in their own backyard.  Not only do these young individuals find sobriety, they also find a new way of living while enjoying and having fun in life.   Footprints of Serenity is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you with helping your child get the assistance they