Alcohol Use to Recovery - Testimonial

When someone would say that I was an alcoholic, I would immediately laugh it off and go into denial mode because of the mental picture that I had interpreted of what an "alcoholic" was.  I considered alcoholics to be the people begging for money, uncouth and unable to maintain any structure in their life. 

All of a sudden, after several DUI's, I found myself looking around a 12 step meeting, saying to myself, "wait, these are alcoholics, they look like me."  Continuing to go in and out of treatment, I surrendered to opened up my eyes to accepting the fact that I needed help.  With the help of a man(recovery companion) that took me under his wing and taught me through action, how to get involved in my recovery.  Each year goes by and I am eternally grateful for the people that have held me close, sometimes directly by the hand and guided me through this process into the life and person that I am today. At one point, I was going to die drinking and using,  that I would never be able to stop or see a light at the end of the tunnel.  I had associated anything fun and worthwhile in life with drinking and using, until this sober companion showed me that life is fun in recovery. 

I am still young, and I am grateful in life today.  Not only for my recovery of alcohol and drugs, but as well being able to guide my family members who are new in recovery to a life in sobriety.  

Thank You Footprints of Serenity