Alcohol & Drug Relapse

Dealing with a relapse is difficult and can be a depressing and troublesome time for  an alcoholic or addict.  It is definitely a good idea to take charge and recognize that doing something about it sooner is better than doing something later.  If you or a loved one seems to have hit a relapse, it is essential to uncover it and deal with it full on.  Most addicts have a difficult time admitting their relapse and having a realization that they should seek help instead of going on another bender.  

Footprints of Serenity suggests starting or returning to a 12 step meeting.  If that does not work, or the addicted person is not willing, Footprints of Serenity is ready to assist.  Our team of knowledgeable experts excel at helping individuals to get back on track.  A minor intervention, followed by detoxification (if necessary), and a few days with a sober companion or recovery coach may be necessary.  Waste no time, get the help and assistance you or your loved one needs immediately.  Our compassionate and caring team is ready to help.  Call 213-80-SOBER to get help now.