Why Can't They Stop Using Drugs or Alcohol?

Addiction to drugs and alcohol is not a weakness. The fact that alcoholism and addiction crosses all socio-economic boundaries confirms that addiction is a disease. People that don’t understand addiction to alcohol or drugs will never understand that it is not a case of having a strong will power.

But if that was true then only weak people would have what Doctors call a disease and yet a large number of high society executives have a problem with anything from Alcohol, Gambling, Cocaine, Prescription Drugs, Heroin and all sorts of stuff.

If you allow yourself to believe that addiction is a weakness, you’ll stay in active addiction until you realize that you have lost the power of choice. You can’t try to be stronger and control your use, instead accept that fact that your problem is a disease and figuring out what you can do about it.

What can I do about my alcoholism or addiction?

It is not true that everyone needs treatment, though it is suggested. Clearing your mind and getting the drugs and alcohol out of your system, will make it easier to hear what you need to hear. We strongly suggest that you go to a meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Cocaine Anonymous, Marijuana Anonymous, or Gambling Anonymous just to name a few. There are millions of people that were at one time completely hopeless and have found their footprints to serenity (a clean and sober life through these 12 step fellowships). If you need help, we are here. We will even help you find a meeting where ever you are. 

We offer many types of treatments and do help you to find the one that better fits your life. Anything from an Intervention, Treatment Facilities, Sober Companions, to Detox units. Call now and get help, don't wait until it is too late.