Testimonial - From Alcohol Abuse to Recovery

When someone would suggest that I was an alcoholic, I would go into denial because of my mental picture of what an "alcoholic should look like". I knew alcoholics to be in the parking lot of the liquor store (homeless) begging for change, drinking from a paper bag covered bottle.

Then one day I found my self looking around a 12 step meeting, saying to myself "these people aren't alcoholics". As I continued through my rounds in and out of treatment centers, I finally was able to open up my eyes and accept the fact that I needed help. Thanks to a guy (sober companion) that took me under his wing and taught me by action how to get involved in my recovery. Each year that goes by, I am grateful for the people that have held my hand through the process of becoming who I was supposed to be. I thought at one point that I would never be able to stop, and really didn't want to half of the time. I associated anything fun, and worthwhile to alcohol and drugs. Life was over as I could see it, but this recovery companion helped me to see that there is fun in recovery. 

I am still young (adolescent) and am grateful for not only my recovery of alcohol, but also my Dads' he joined me with a recovery coach of his own (since he was still working) and we are both sober today.