Struggling to Stay Sober?

Getting sober is easy, staying sober is the hard part. Many Alcoholics and Addicts go to treatment with the best intentions and resolutions to stay clean and sober. Once they dry up a bit, they instantly go back into the insanity of denial, believing that the alcohol/drug  wasn't a problem and they can manage better  "this time."

The insanity of taking the first drink or drug  is the catalyst which begins the cycle all over again. The illusion that "some how, some day they will be able to control drinking or drug use is the obsession of the abnormal drug user and alcoholic. There is a saying; "One is too many and a thousand is never enough". This is true!

Once you ingest that first one, the allergy kicks (the need for more). 

Footprints of Serenity uses these cases as an integral part of growth to help each individual client, we are working and have been very successful with clients that seemed to be doomed without hope. We have seen a large number of these clients return to a normal and healthy life (one that not even they would have ever thought possible).