Relapse Prevention

Relapse prevention is a cognitive-behavioral approach with the goal of identifying and preventing high-risk situations such as substance abuse, obsessive-compulsive behavior, sexual offending, obesity, and depression. Furthermore, relapse prevention is an important component in the treatment process of alcoholism and drug addiction, or alcohol/drug dependence.

Being newly sober is not easy. At Footprints of Serenity we help insure your investment (financially and emotionally), by implementing a treatment plan molded to fit the individual client. A Recovery Companion helps to identify and overcome potential obstacles that arise through the early stages of recovery, such as high-risk situations, personality and lifestyle patterns that can lead to relapse.

Providing guidance, encouragement and feedback a Recovery Coach is also helpful for those who have had relapse episodes. However, anyone in recovery will find coaching useful to improve their skills at recognizing and managing situations that put their sobriety at risk.