Approaching Your Loved One

Approaching your loved one about their alcohol and/or drug use isn't easy. The thought of having the conversation may fill you with fear and anxiety. However, the earlier they are approached about their substance abuse, the better. Have an outline of what each person will say before you approach your loved one. It is crucial that the approach come from a loving and positive manner rather than one of judgment. Tell them you have their best interests in mind and come from a supportive place. Give them examples of what you are seeing and how their drug or alcohol use is affecting you.

Gather family and friends together and approach your loved one from a group perspective, otherwise known as an intervention. Coming from a caring, avoiding "pointing the finger", supportive place is key. This may seem impossible; therefore, Footprints of Serenity can help, we have a team of intervention specialists if you would like a professional to help you.