Finding a Sober Companion

Our Sober Companions work with Interventionists, Admission Specialists, Physicians, Attorneys, Families, Agents, and anyone else concerned with getting a client to and from treatment; we go the distance to help high risk addicts and alcoholics who are struggling with relapse transition into sober living environments. Recovery Companions at Footprints of Serenity are familiar with the fear, and sense of aloneness that arise in the alcoholic and addict on a trip to treatment; helping the client with their own experience. Clients and Providers looking for an alternative to extended residential treatment; a sober companion can be and most of the time is the most important tool for a successful recovery.

Rehabs and residential treatment centers have given many alcoholics and drug addicts their start in recovery. The standard 30-day primary treatment program is sufficient for clients entering the recovery process; however, research shows statistically that clients who participate in an extended-care program have a higher success rate. Our Sober Companions have and are currently working with clients of all ages all over the country. The traps and triggers that can set a relapse into motion (when an addict/alcoholic returns home from a rehabilitation facility) are dangerous and should be confronted and dealt with.

Sober companions are much more than a glorified babysitter. A sober companion gets into the trenches to help clients get involved with the recovery services available in their own backyards, while also incorporating fun (young people have a hard time staying sober without finding new fun activities to keep them motivated).  Our company requires companions to be in recovery themselves and have years of sobriety and experience/certified recovery workers. 

We work with clients everywhere and anywhere, and are currently working with clients in Charlottesville, Los Angeles, Indianapolis, Memphis, Portland, and Reno.