Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine use is very addicting and can be fatal. Cocaine is presently the most abused major stimulant in America. It has become one of the drugs most frequently involved in emergency hospital visits.

It is not a new drug of abuse but is now considered the one of the top recreational drugs. Street names for cocaine also reflect its appearance or method of use (such as flake, snow, powder, toot, blow, nose candy, liquid lady [a mixture of cocaine and alcohol], speedball [cocaine and heroin], crack, rock, freebase, coke). This drug is also used to moderate the side effects of the addicts' primary addiction. A common polydrug abuse problem, seen especially in adolescents, is cocaine, alcohol, and marijuana.

Drug abuse, chemical dependency, and addictive behavior spare no one and are spread throughout society. They do not care what age, profession, race, religion, or physical attributes you may have or be. It is important to get the help that you need. This is one of the drugs that are very difficult to quit and treatment is suggested. Our Interventionists and Sober Companions are very good with these types of addicts and are very affective.