Outside of Treatment - An Intervention

An intervention professionally organized is a proven way that leads to recovery. It starts the healing process for everyone that has been affected by the addicts behavior. For the addict or alcoholic it may be the most important day of their life.  Empowering family and friends with addiction education and this very personal experience gains an ability for the addict or alcoholic to make the right decision, and move forward into recovery.  Immediately, the individual can physically see and emotionally feel how much of an impact their behavior is and has been to those closest to them.

Footprints of Serenity Intervention Service Specialists have one ultimate goal,  placing your friend or loved one into treatment that best suits their individual needs. Mostly, and Intervention is a process that a family considers when a crisis occurs; i/e getting arrested, overdosing, or causing complete chaos at home or at work.  If you have a loved one or friend that is endangering themselves, please call us immediately at  213-80-SOBER before a crisis occurs.  Footprints of Serenity believes that alcoholism and addiction are family diseases because many times family members and loved ones can feel just as out of control as the individual with the substance use disorder.  Our compassionate and caring team is ready to assist you in getting your friend or loved one one the journey to a joyous and free life in recovery.  Please contact one of our Specialists who are ready twenty four hours day to assist you.  213-80-SOBER or you may REQUEST A CALL at your earliest convenience.