Abuse of Cough Syrup

According to a recent survey of teens across America, abusing cough medicine to get high is one of the top ten abused drugs by teenagers. Robo-tripping (what they call it) is often viewed as harmless, but its effects can be fatal (result in slow breathing, cerebral hemorrhaging, brain damage, seizures, stroke, or death).

Dextromethorphan, also know as "dex" or DXM, can be obtained through cough relief medicines in either pill or syrup form. Cough syrup is one of the easiest drugs for teens to abuse, because it is so easy to get. Teens under the influence of DXM can appear drunk, dizzy, paranoid, or slow to respond. "I'm tired," is one of the usual excuses that we hear. Unreasonable tiredness or staying up all night are good signs that your teen could be using drugs There is a difference between being sleepy, and being unable to keep your eyes open because you're loaded on drugs. Ultimately, DXM abuse is a gateway drug and generally leads to abuse of other drugs. Stopping drug use early can save a teen from years of problems or death. Keep all medicines away from children and teenagers. Talk to your teen. If you think your child is struggling with DXM abuse, don't hesitate to. contact us today