Teens Risk is Higher Developing Addictive Disorder towards Substance Abuse

 "Teen users are at significantly higher risk of developing an addictive disorder compared to adults."  The earlier the teen began using, the higher the risk that as an adult they would develop an addictive disorder.  Researched by the National Center for Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University. Nine out of 10 people who meet the clinical criteria for substance use disorders involving nicotine, alcohol or other drugs began smoking, drinking or using other drugs before they turned 18. People who begin using any addictive substance before age 15 are six and a half times as likely to develop a substance use disorder as those who delay use until age 21 or older (28.1 percent vs. 4.3 percent)."

Nationwide, 39.9% of high school students had tried Marijuana before graduating. The great risk of exposing teenagers and adolescents to drugs and alcohol is that the adolescent mind is a "work in progress" and the brain in adolescents and teenagers is still growing.  This makes them more vulnerable than a mature brain to the physical effects of a substance.   Ref. Columbia University

The most shocking discovery is that in 2012 48.7% of adolescents aged 12 to 17 stated that it would be "fairly easy" to get a hold of an illicit drug or substance if they wanted it.  These numbers are mind boggling and illicit drug use has become the Nation's number one health problem. 

This is an epidemic in the United States today.  Individuals, families, friends and loved ones are seeing it, living through it and unable to understand how to "fix" this problem.  Footprints of Serenity understands that adolescents and teens are extremely vulnerable, having had been exposed or living through the battle with substance abuse.  Not only do individuals who are in their disease of addiction go through turmoil, their family and friends go through this as well.  We assess each individual client, and create a treatment plan that suits their needs for a smooth transition into a life of living free from the chains of addiction.  This is a process that involves not only the individual, but as well their family and friends during the Intervention Process.  Support is the key, and Footprints of Serenity's Recovery Companion's are there to nurture and guide individuals through this new and enlightening life.