At Footprints of Serenity we are connecting alcoholics and addicts of all ages with sober companions who are guiding them through the early phase of recovery.


According to a recent survey of teens across America, abusing cough medicine to get high is one of the top ten abused drugs by teenagers. Robo-tripping (what they call it) is often viewed as harmless, but its effects can be fatal (result in slow breathing, cerebral hemorrhaging, brain damage, seizures, stroke, or death).

Dextromethorphan, also know as "dex" or DXM, can be obtained through cough relief medicines in either pill or syrup form. Cough syrup is one of the easiest drugs for teens to abuse, because it is so easy to get. Teens under the influence of DXM can appear drunk, dizzy, paranoid, or slow to respond. "I'm tired," is one of the usual excuses that we hear. Unreasonable tiredness or staying up all night are good signs that your teen could be using drugs There is a difference between being sleepy, and being unable to keep your eyes open because you're loaded on drugs. Ultimately, DXM abuse is a gateway drug and generally leads to abuse of other drugs. Stopping drug use early can save a teen from years of problems or death. Keep all medicines away from children and teenagers. Talk to your teen. If you think your child is struggling with DXM abuse, don't hesitate to. contact us today

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Adolescent drug overdose

Adolescents that need help need it fast, call now. We are Professionals helping people get recovery from their addictions.

These are some of our services-

Sober/Recovery companion

Sober/Recovery coach

Drug detox

Alcohol detox

At home detox

Sober living

Drug treatment

Alcohol treatment

Sober transportation

Transport to rehab

Sober Travel

Adolescent life coach

Life coach

One on One Treatment

Executive Recovery Companion

At home recovery

Therapeutic Companion 

Why an intervention


Because nothing else has worked.

Most people attempt to change a person or situation through reason and discussion, usually one-on-one. When this fails, frustration may lead to anger. This can go on for years.

Appeals to reason and one-on-one discussions rarely produce change in someone engaged in self-destructive behaviors.

On the other hand, an intervention that includes several people meaningful to the person, that is executed in a controlled and logical way, that focuses on changing everyone's behavior at least for the moment, is highly effective.

Check out this video, it can help.

Intervene on Drugs / Alcohol

Recovery/Sober Companion New York

Recovery/Sober Companion Orange County

We at Footprints of Serenity are helping people find their way into recovery. We have an exclusive group of professionals that are highly trained Recovery Companions ready to work with you or your loved one. Our team is mobile with bases across the U.S. Why send your loved one to one more treatment center when you can try something new and proven to be more effective. Sober Companions are not just for the famous, but for everyone and anyone looking to change their lives for the better. Recovery is in everything we do on a daily bases (yes, even making your bed in the morning can make a difference). We are here to help, and can offer many references upon request. 

We also are helping people find recovery through INTERVENTION, please don't keep wasting time and get you and your loved ones the help you need.


Call Kristina at (858) 232-8967 

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